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We've gotten some relatively official info on the 2004 IS, and, as expected (by us at least), NOTHING MAJOR. All the big changes are most likely forthcoming in the 2005 model.

Here's a quick rundown of the changes:
<LI>New Colors (Bluestone Metallic, Indigo Ink Pearl, Savannah Metallic)
<LI>Driver's Seat Memory (Yay! Although noone ever drives my car...)
<LI>Smoked Gray Head/Tails
<LI>Speed-Sensitive and Shift-Linked Automatic Door Lock/Unlock
<LI>New and Optional 11-Spoke Wheel
<LI>New Mist-Type Front Washer Nozzle
<LI>New Interior Accents
<LI>JDM Dash Storage Tray on Non-NAV Models
<LI>Oil Maintenance Indicator Light
Things missing that I still want to bitch about?
<LI>17x7.5 Wheels on all corners (optional? standard on manual? [Claire]) with some wider tires (225/45/17)
<LI>Steering wheel audio controls
<LI>CD TEXT (My Sequoia's 6CD unit has it)
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