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Getting P0133 - Circuit Slow Response (Bank 1 Sensor 1) and P0153 - Circuit Slow Response (Bank 2 Sensor 1).

What do these codes really mean in english.??????

I erased the codes to see if they come back in the very near future.

But i was wondering what if any negatives could this have on my vehicle.?

Im at 87,000 KM and all my internals are stock except for my injen intake.

NO upgrades under the hood otherwise.

ANy help would be graetly apprecxated.

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I guess I'll chime in..

I haven't encountered these codes yet in my experience... but the repair manual points to these trouble areas to check...

1. Open or short in heated oxygen sensor circuit
2. Heated oxygen sensor
3. Air induction system
4. Fuel pressure
5. Injector
6. ECM

Make sure you check obvious things around your engine...
(a) Separation of the engine oil dipstick, oil filler cap, PCV
hose, etc. may cause the engine to run out of tune.
(b) Disconnection, looseness or cracks in the parts of the air
induction system between the throttle body and cylinder
head will cause air suction and cause the engine to run
out of tune.

Hope this helps...
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