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Here's the code Toyota pulled when the light first came on.

code is p0420 ... manifold catalytic converter operating below threshold.

I don't recall when but it may have been in Jan of 2010 or Dec of 09 that my CEL came on. Took it to Toyota and they told me my catalytic converter was bad. I shopped around and yea that damn thing is expensive. I never got it replaced because I wanted to wait a month or two before I had enough money. So, I guess Toyota had reset the light because I've been driving it ever since and the light never came back on. I immediately got my car inspected just so that I can pass inspection. I crossed my finger and fortunately the mechanic told me my car passed both state and emissions!

Ok, so I drove home last night and the damn light came back on. So i did two things this morning, re-tighten my gas cap and reset the light. So here are my questions.

1 - If it's the gas cap, would it take 150+ miles for the light to come on if the cap was loose? I had gotten gas 2-3 days back.

2 - If it is indeed the catalytic converter, how did I pass inspection? Or is it going bad and one day it'll just fail and I'll have a horrible gas stench coming from the tailpipe.

Since the replacing it will cost me a lot of money, I'm hoping to ride it out until the middle of Spring or early Summer.
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