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I just built a new super PC which has a
16x burner. I am a rather prolific burner
of CDs. I started using a new brand of CD as
well, Yamaha 12x (they are blue). When I
insert them into the IS CD player, they
can not stay synced. You burst of music
with regular stops. You see the counter
on the song start and stop constantly.

I have tried these in my RX, all of my
home players, and my friends Eclipse play
with no problems. I even had one Kodak
Gold CD which I have used forever with
similar problems. I did burn a Memorex
CDR and it plays with no problems.

Do I need to have the dealer check it out?
Do you think they will care that I can't
play CDRs in it? I thought the next time
I was there I would mention it and
try one of the other ISs and see if they
are the same way.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Just
checking. Thanks,

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Tried the slower burn speeds. 8x almost
worked. At first it sounded fine, but then
started doing the same old thing again.
The 4x worked fine. I guess I'll have to
stick to that for those CDRs. Thanks for the
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