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Thought I would try me some Edge motor oil (No its not made in Germany)

Its been in Canada for a week or so, and it is available form CTC stores now.

Note: This product has been available in the USA for about a year.

Check out there website for more information.

This will eventually replace the Syntec branding in about 2-3 years. Syntec is a North America brand name only. The European/ global name is Edge and they will eventually switch the market to the global name "Edge" here.

Basically, just a slightly better oil than Syntec. It has a better durability and is able to extend oil changes up to 24K or 1 year. This meets some the the USDM vehicles like GM that have followed this extended oil change interval.

Other than that, no special reason for you to change, as the cost is higher, and you basically gain nothing - as long as your new vehicle warranty states change oil every 8K

I would put this oil in the same product level as Mobil 1 Extra Protection (EP).

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