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So this is interesteing... Take a 1967-ish Mustang GT500 and rebuild it w/ modern technology. Shelby did that for the Gone in 60 Seconds car, but now he's putting the car into limited production as reported by Autoweek.

i mean, aside from the fact that the car is a real beaut, its top of the line version will be $150k and the first all-aluminum supercharged 427 Cobra engine :eek:
Here are more specs and photos for you to drool over:

Performance Package- G.T.500E
Investment- $120,000

New Carroll Shelby Performance 351/392 cubic inch, 430 HP
Visteon F75U high torque starter
8 Quart Canton oil pan, pick up tube, dip stick
750 CFM Holley Carburetor, Dual line
Holley dual line fuel line & NOS system 125 shot
Hooker comp headers & Mr. Gaskets
Transmission T56 6 Speed manual transmission
Trans Mount
Speedo Cable
Heavy duty front & rear U-Joints (1310, 1330 or 1350)
Balanced aluminum driveshaft sized for transmission
30 pound steel SFI approved flywheel
10.5" Diaphragm clutch
Tilton hydraulic clutch kit (master cylinder, throw out bearing & line)
Rear End 31 spline axles
31 spline 9" Posi-Traction rear end
3.50 - 3.90 9" Gears (selection based on trans & cam profile used)
Total Control Products power steering pump kit
Total Control Products rack & pinion steering kit
Baer tracker bump steer adjustable tie rods
Brakes Front: Baer 13 x 1.1 Track System, PBR 2 piston aluminum
Rear: Baer 12 x .81 Touring System, PBR 1 piston aluminum
Slotted, cross drilled & zinc washed
Adjustable rear bias proportioning valve
Stainless Steel brake lines
Braided Stainless Steel brake hoses, front & rear
MSD Ignition Control
MSD Coil
Mount battery in trunk for better weight distribution
Heavy duty battery cable from trunk to starter
Fuel 1/2 inch stainless fuel line from gas tank to engine compartment
Electric fuel pump
High performance fuel filter
Mechanical fuel pump mount block off plate
Fuel safe 22 gal fuel cell for Mustang
Hooker Super competition headers w/ ceramic coating
Dual 2.5" exhaust with H pipe
Walker Dynomax 2.5" mufflers
Griffin aluminum cross flow
SPAL 16" electric cooling fan, pull type
Electric fan temp switch
Total Control Products outside weld-in sub-frame connector kit
Total Control Products center section bolt-in kit
Total Control Products shock tower brace kit (TB1, TB2 & TB3)
Drive shaft safety loop
Roll bar, 4- point
Front: Total Control Products coil-over kit
Rear: Koni gas shocks
Traction Master traction bars
Rear anti-sway bar
Lowering blocks
PS Engineering S/C Cobra replica
Front: 17 x 8
Rear: 17 x 9.5
Aftermarket high performance seats provided by customer
Seats installed by Unique
3" racing seat belts (Simpson, Deist or other)

Super Snake Package- G.T.500SS

Investment- $150,000

Carroll Shelby Performance 427 Aluminum engine
Shelby Vortex Supercharger provides 750 HP
Upgraded Hi-Torque 6- speed transmission
Special badgeing for "Super Snake"


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Mmmmmm. :p

First car I've ever heard of comming w/ factory nitrous.

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beacuse you're a whore to the man, man... you are who they market to!

Commander In Beef
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s0yb0mb said:
beacuse you're a whore to the man, man... you are who they market to!
Nah, I just don't like the design. The performance is super, don't get me wrong, but I just couldn't get into the typical muscle car.

You can call me the "wh0ree" :wink:

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Well, i actually have a freind of mine who has a 67 Fastback... nice with a 351 Clevelend. Hes gonnna switch the engines. My bro had a 66 Fastback and were gonna put the 302 in the 67 and moe the 351 into the 66. The front end of the Shelby GT500 has been purchased for the 66. Trayin to make it as much as the GT500 in Gone in 60. As the color i duuno wat plans my bro has. Wat a car :p

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750hp? that is unreal. would a car like that even be streetable? my friends dad used to drive a 1970 chevelle ss that had a blower and that was barely driveable. He could drive it because he was used to it, but he let my friend try and let me try and i couldnt get it moving without creating clouds of smoke

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Personally, I'd rather have an original GT500. One of my friends has one (or atleast he owns it, but it's not in his posession right now, it in Canada at some place getting restored). There's no comparison to knowing your car is an original and not a copy. It's just not the same having a 'reissue'.

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Dernick said:
It look so good except for that damn steering wheel.
That's because it's supposed to be like the old car. THat's the kind of wheel it used to have.
Mustang/Shelby did not have a GT Grant Steering back in the days. :lol: :lol:

<Edit> Forgot the LMAO>
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