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what are your 6 cds in the cd changer?
I know we went over this before, but there are many new members since.

1.Jamiroquai Synkronize
2. Jamiroquai Return of the space cowboy
3. Radio head : o.k. computer
4. Foofighters
5. Jamiroquai: traveling with out moving
6. burned cd .. (more jamiroquai)


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truthfully i have been romantically dead for 6 months =) sad huh? :p oh well. i just want to finish college apps right now and then start up a webdesign company and if i get lucky, make enough money to get a 95 m3 of my own

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1. Makaveli The Don Killuminati 7 Day Theory
2. Master P West Coast Bad Boys 2
3. Gang Related Sound Track
4. Burned, mostly 2Pac and Remixes
5. Burned- 18 Tracks
+Raptures Delight
+BIGGIE SMALLS; Juicy, Give Me One More Chance, Big Poppa
+2Pac Biggie Freestyle
+ICE CUBE Today Was A Good Day
+Eminem Dr Dre If I Get Locked Up Tonight
+Outkast Mrs Jackson
+Nelly EI
+Prizefighter RMX PAC, DMX, NAS
+Godfather Love Theme (from Godfather Movie)
+Vietnamese Rap
+Vietnamese Freestyle
6. More 2Pac and Dr. Dre

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In my cd player right now:

Mos Def
Reflection Eternal
Dead Prez
Thievery Corporation
Om Lounge 2
Roni Size

Chromaplast, Jamiroquai is the all his CDs. Which one's your favourite? Mines Return of the Space Cowboy

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damn Geoff i never thought we would have somthing in common.

i have 3 of your six cd's in my car

1. Matchbox 20 - mad season
2. Matchbox 20 - Debut
3. dave mathews band - Live at Luther College
4. custom CD - all different stuff
5. Limp Bizkit - New One (thanks Napster)
6. Disturbed - Sickness


i just took out the third eye blind

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Mine are all burned CD-Rs too...

Here is a list of the first two
(Other disk lists aren't online yet)

[Song titles only - you guess the artists...]

Spandex Man
Flavor Crystal 7
Guru Mother
Sure as Not
Flash Light
I feel for you
Fame '90 Remix
Mysterios Ways
Give Me The Night
Kasparaov's Revenge
Kid Charlemagne
Angry Eyes
Walk Like An Egyptian
Rock Lobster
Rock With You
Homeward At Last
Palm Strings
Staten Island Groove
Blue Light
We Don't Have to Wait
Lights Out San Francisco
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