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I am about to buy some more car wash soap and car wax, and I was wondering who makes the best car wash soap, the best car wax (zymol?,) and what's good to keep the interior escaine/leather in good condition.
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Oh man, I just looked at the Zymol Estate Glaze, Vintage. It comes in this fancy looking container, contains 61 percent Carnauba wax, and costs $1650! The catch however, is that it's refillable! Anybody interested in a group buy for one? :p
One thousand six hundred fifty dollars?!?!?!?!?!?!

Who the fu*k would pay that for car wax...? How much does each refill cost? $700? Or is this a 55 gallon drum sized bottle?

[edit: btw, use Klasse...I'm telling you...

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holy.. $1650...for car wax..

umm... i think i would spend $1650 to send my cars to get hand car washed and hand car waxed...
i can send my car like 50 times to a professional washer for 1650 bucks.

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If you have a darker color, I highly reccomend using Zaino ( ) on the car as the results will amaze you. I personally order all my stuff from Emmons Coachworks ( ). P21S is the best wheel cleaner I've ever used. As for the leather, use Connolys Hide Food and Lexol conditioner. Lexol is REALLY REALLY good stuff.

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Oh whoops, I forgot to mention the best part of the 1650 glaze: the refills are free for life!

HIB:Who makes klasse? I forgot. And is it a conventional wax or something different?

zerinS4: doesn't that take hours to apply? Like apply and wait and do some other stuff...
$1650!!! That's insane...I would rather put that towards a SC or Turbo kit. Anyway since I like Carnauba versus synthetic, I am personally using the Pinnacle wax for my MSM's Brazilian Ivory Carnauba wax and it works great. Recommend you getting the whole kit cuz you'll save about 30 bucks. For darker colors, recommend using the Souveran kit and Paste Glaz for lighter colors. For the escaine/leather, I would get the IS300 kit Lexus. It contains the leather and escaine conditioner/cleaner. Here's the link for more info:
Klasse is the best. I first use Klasse All-in-one over the entire exterior, windshield and windows. If my wife will help me, I'll then use Klasse Gloss not put "Gloss" on thick, unless you have a very good wife. It can be a real pain to get the GLoss off. The bottle warned me, but in all my wisdom and experience, I put it on thick. Then it occurred to me, why would a company that wants to sell product, advise you to put it on very lightly? Hummm, trust me. Did they know something I didn't? Yes.

I use Lexol Leather stuff on the leather and Lexol Vinylx on the vinyl, weather stripping and tires.

Oh, and the best part, Klasse won't stain the black trim and molding like "most" waxes do. It's an acrylic compound.

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And as for soap, I only use Pinnacle Body Shampoo for my cars. No soap for me. I'm sticking with the "shampoo!" The mere fragrance of this shampoo "may" be hazardous to your...
I think I'll go check out Cool Hand Luke
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Give Zaino Bros a try.

Their Z2/Z5 polish and Z7 car wash is the best thing going right now. Nothing outshines and outprotects Zaino!

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I use Turtle wax. It comes in the green bottle and it sprays on. It works great! Its good for dark colored cars. It also was recommended by Consumer Reports.
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