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Car Buying Tip

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Anyone is a process of buying a car should definitely check out . I was helping a buddy of mine buying the S2000. While the price is still going for 8k over MSRP. We decided to try out On the same day, we got the S2000 for 32,740.

Now, I'm considering to get the S2000...
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All does is take a bid, sends it out to dealers that are signed up with them, and sees if any of the dealers will sell it to you for that price. If they do not accept your bid, they might counteroffer. I work for a Lexus dealer in New Jersey that WAS signed up with All I can say is, most of the time we threw the bids away, they were so low. To give you an idea of how bad priceline is, where is their stock at today, verses the IPO of like 95? And where is William Shatner and those BAD commercials?? LOL
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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