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Hi all,

I'm interested in purchasing a 1991 Camry DLX for my sister, and was hoping to get some advice.

I'm looking for any websites/links to info regarding recalls/Technical Service Bulletins/known issues about a specific model year car. Basically, any info I should be aware of before I buy the car. I searched yahoo and, didn't really find anything, and I searched forums, but I only found this link -


I did pull up a report (which showed a 9/2000 inspection mileage of 114,000 when the actual mileage on the odometer was ~100,000), but I'm willing to overlook that as they are offering to sell for $1500.

I know this might not be much money to many of you, but I really don't enjoy getting the bad end of a deal.

If anyone has any strategies or suggestions (or if you've owned a 1991 Camry and could give info from an owner' perspective), that would really be great.



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