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Hey everybody,

I have an 01 IS300 with all stock body panels. I fist bought the car with the what seemed to be the stock hood. Then i had an incident where the windshield blew up and it messed up my body lines in the front. i let it go for a while, got a new hood, and then the windshield flew up AGAIN. At this point i bought a daily and retired this car to be solely a project. when installing the 3rd hood, I installed a new hood latch, new hinges, and removed the bumper and two front fenders to install. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get them to align and was only half successful.

P.S. The hood isn't easy to close, its not super difficult, but it seems to take more force than other vehicles' hoods to latch.

My hood flew and messed my stuff up. The driver side fender is aligned decently, but the passenger has a sizable gap near the front of the car.

NOTE: ive adjusted the rubber stopped(i know they arent the cause) and the hood sits flush with the top of the fenders. Also, the hinges arent perfect, there is side to side play buts remedied by the latch.

I greatly appreciate any advice, it doesn't have to be perfect, i just want it close for when i put in my aerocatch's (should've put them in a while ago)

pics in order
1-new to me ( notice perfect gaps)
2-after hood flew up the first time
3- new hood (notice misalignment)
4,6-as hood sits now after i spent a lot of time adjusting everything.


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Man I would be worried about my windshield flying up twice... 馃槒

As far as the hood is concerned, is the hood replacement a stock OE part or an aftermarket hood?

unfortunately there really isn鈥檛 anything we can tell you to help line up the parts. It鈥檚 all trial and error and playing with what small adjustments you have here and there. What I would do is put the bumper on, put the fenders and and then the hood last. I would try my best to make sure the hood catch strikes direct center of the Hood latch (assuming that isn鈥檛 bent or damaged) then shut the hood completely and split the difference of the hood/fender gaps you have on both sides. Then I would Pop the hood back up, loosen the top fender bolts (don鈥檛 remove them) and push or slightly pull the fender where it needs to be and retighten the bolts back and recheck.
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