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Can someone explain how the RDS radio works...

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I have read the manual 3 times and I still can't figure out what this RDS radio is all about. It seems to me that some radio stations imbed some kind of digital data in the signal and the system is able to display this info on the radio display. It also appears that you can get traffic information as well. I did an initial search and the radio found 3 stations in my area. While that is great, I still can't figure out this works....hehehehehe.

Anyone else similarly confused??? Maybe its not worth bothering with.

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The following is from the "FAQ Section" of, as created by TEG:

What is the RDS, MSG and TRAF on the radio?
RDS is Radio Data System (service). It allows radio stations to encode text information (like call letters and type of content)
along with the sound that they broadcast. If you are listening to an RDS station and the MSG light comes on, you can use
the MSG button to view the text that they have broadcast. The TYPE button displays the RDS format (e.g. Jazz or Rock), and
the TRAF button can be used to disable the Traffic Announcment feature. If TRAF is enabled, stations can automatically
pre-empt your listening and have you jump to their station when there are important announcements.
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