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call me crazy..but...

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here's a video of my doing donuts and burning rubber...i was bored so i ripped it for your entertainment.
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Thats quality entertainment. Was that on dry gorund??
LOL. That was pretty good. There goes 10,000 miles of tread life
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Dude, how can you smoke the tires in an auto? (for real?) I can't get even a small squawk out of them unless traction control is off and I'm turning like a mad man around a corner.

Brake torque is bad! ?!?
dry braking applied as you can tell from the brake lights did not go on till the end when i sat there for a second or two.
u so crazy
Originally posted by Lexus_IS300:
nope, no LSD..
man, you can really tell when you first started the donut...I wish I had LSD
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Now that's pimp! I know what I'm doing tonight...

We should start a new forum for pics/videos of the IS. I love this stuff!
John you and the Donut Video is killin over here..... so when I am runnin 11's you gonna come out to Film me too?
So how did you really do it???? did u just leave it in neutral???
Yeah give it up how did u dow it?? I cant even chirp my wheels w/o using the brakes. And using the brakes is cheezy
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it's pretty easy...easier to show that to explain...i'll try to though...just leave your left foot on the brake and gas with the right...then **** the steering wheel one way...then after you feel the tires spin...release the brake a little...thean after you start burning out...then **** the wheel the other way REAL fast...then turn the other way REAL fast...then keep going...try to keep the car from shifting to a higher by starting off in low...then shift into second...and leave it there. try feathering the throttle when it reaches high rpm. then you'll be making all sorts of neat designs on the pavement...

oh...and make sure you have PLENTY of room to do this. one more thing...for better effects...choose somewhere where there's a decent breeze blowing...

oh...not like i've ever done this before or, i think i read this somewhere
See less See more IS300 only has SRT HFI..besides that its stock..COMPLETELY. what i did was turn the wheel all the way to the left, put it in normal drive (not manual shift), and slam on the gas (no brake torque required). and there you will haev your donut smokin video
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Was a one wheel spinny though right?...since you dont have a LSD.
I wanna smoke it without moving. Is it possible to smoke it without moving? I tried once but it didn't work.
dammit john, you had to go and outdo me didnt you...
good job azzhoppa
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