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So, yesterday I was attempting to replace my rotors and brake pads. I got the bracket removed fairly easily, but when it came down to seating the new front pad (outward facing pad) the springs would not take both sides evenly, so the pad wouldn't seat. After about an hour of wrestling with this pad and spring I gave up and put the old equipment back on. The old pad had the same issue, but since there was more space available because of the wear, I got it in just fine.

I purchased centric e-coated blank rotors, and OEM pads. I just planned to reuse the old hardware since that seemed advised by members here. All the springs fit relatively snug in the bracket. I'm just unsure if I'm missing a step, or if there are any tips anyone could offer.


Ps, sorry for the lame post, I know brakes are 101, but I'm stumped.
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