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Cabin Heat...

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I know there has been a topic about the plastic around te shifter heating up. But has anyone noticed how hot the inside of the car gets after driving at highspeeds? Damn makes me sweat withe the windows down. Feels like the heat is on High! Am I the only one?
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What's your definition of high speeds? I drive around a lot on the interstates around here at 75-80 and I haven't noticed any excess heat. I have been using the A/C a bit anyway because we've had temps in the mid to upper 80's lately. Maybe that's masking things.


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i've gotten up to around 100 and im still fine. not too hot. but my a/c is always on. i'll try it w/out the a/c n get back to u.

Spectra Blue IS300
AS much as I do not want to post negatives, I have to side with you...there is some heat coming from the shifter/gearbox...however, I have not experienced any problems and it does get a bit hot...only 700 miles...
Not that I'm endorsing this, but I bet if you dropped the cat, it'd get rid of the heat around the shifter
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Originally posted by oh-dawg:
Not that I'm endorsing this, but I bet if you dropped the cat, it'd get rid of the heat around the shifter
dropping the cat might help a bit, but the heat is coming from the drive train... the IS is a RWD car ...
well the drivetrain maybe it. While im driving I can feel alot of vibrations in my magie shifter ball. And when I say highspeeds, I mean playing around 0-60 and on the parkway late at night while coming home from work.
Did not notice your particular malady, but while traveling on the Florida Turnpike after the car was parked in sun and sun was at an angle that beat don on the black-black untreated dash, it was like having two different climates in the car; one at over a 110 degrees near with windshield and a more bearable one behind the properly aimed air conditioning vents.
I noticed the same thing, it only seems to come after I gun the car a few times. I posted a topic on it a while back.
My Shifter get warm because of the lights under it... after driving at night for long periods of time, I noticed that the illumination effect heats up the plastic around the shifter... I know that for a fact... Besides that I did noticed a bit of excess heat... I think it is from the drivetrain though. it happened in my RX7 before
I checked during my drive home today. After about 30mi. of 65-80mph, there was no heat at all. And I didn't have the air on today. I don't know what you might be experiencing?

I found the Heat Source.
Look under the Passenger's side dash.
Look to left toward console.
You'll see two Black Foam Covered Aluminum tubes. They're TOO HOT to touch where the Foam is not covering them. I think these tubes have Radiator Water running through them to the Heater Coil.
I can't think of anything else that would cause these tubes to be "SO HOT".
Unless maybe its just "Heat Conduction" from the Engine finding its way through the fire wall via these tubes??
Gonna show this to Lexus on my 5,000 mile service.

BTW, I happen to feel this for the first time today when my son was driving home from school. My console WAS NOT HOT THOUGH.
Just felt the heat on my BARE feet under the passenger's dash.

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