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OK guys/gals... I am a little late on these sightings

They were both on Friday 8/1..

1st I saw a sweet looking GS300 Sport Design on the 110 South from Pasadena to LA on Friday morning... Brand spanking new (no plates)... It had a nice set of Graphite wheels on it.. Also looks like it had a new style factory trunk small lip spoiler w/out brake light... Along with dark emblems and SD badges on front fenders... I liked it!!

Then on the way home Friday 210 East from Pasadena to Azusa.. I was messing around with a IS300 TCM Sport Design, brand spanking new (No plates) with blacked out window tint & factory chromed SD wheels, which looked alot better then the regular silver ones.. Looked good as well!!

Over I liked the way the GS looked... for there Sport Design options..

Is this anyone on here?? Or anyone know of these S. Cali rides!! :chill:

Joe Z 8)
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