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Hey fellas,

I was driving home from work via highway today doing about 70mph, all of a sudden the C.E.L came up. I went to a buddies shop and we checked the code and it came up to be:

EVAP Emission
Control System

I've searched up and down the forums for people who have had the same problem. No one seems to have posted up an actual solution, nor anyone who had the problem, posted up how they fixed the problem IF they did at all. I see more speculation of what "could be" causing the problem, not an actual solution. So please any and all help would be possible.

For reference: Motor is bone stock except for an intake (that came with the car when I bought it.) Not exactly sure what kind of intake it is. New Toyo Proxy 4 tires, as well as Slotted Rotors, EBC GreenStuff pads, ATE Superblue fluid, Russell SS Lines. But the above mentioned are not related to the problem, just stating for the hell of it.

What I've done:
1. Added more clicks to gas cap
2. Loosened gas cap up, and then reinstalled with a few more clicks after the inital click.
3. Looked under the car for any signs of: broken, loose, or cracked lines. - None
4. Looked in engine bay for any signs of: broken, loose, or cracked lines. - Again none.
5. Checked for leaks in engine bay and under car area - None.

Shall I wait a few more days to let the C.E.L cycle through and hope that it goes away? Reset ECU? (How?) - I'm used to Hondas where you can just pull the ECU fuse and put it back in, then let the car run to re-learn. Can I still do that?

I am one of those guys who will try the cheaper methods first, when something is not attainable or fixable with my limited knowledge of repair then I am willing to take it to Toyota or Lexus (which ever is recommended by you guys) for diagnostics and possible repair.

Again any help would be appreciated. An actual solution would be even better.

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unhook the negative battery cable for 90seconds, to reset the ECU.

You could either have a bad gas cap, leak in the EVAP lines, bad EVAP purge solenoid, or bad EVAP switching valve. There can also be a leaking fuel filler neck, but that is doubtful.

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Here you go dude...this is what was given to me from Lexus when I pulled the same code....just make sure that they check everything from hoses on up. With my situation, they were convinced it was the charcoal cannister but it ended up being a hose that got disconnected.

P0440 (evap emission control sys malfunction). Troubled areas:
Hose cracked, holed, damage or loose seal.
Fuel tank cap not installed properly, cracked or damage.
Vac hose cracked, holed, blocked, damage or disconnected.
Fuel tank cracked, holed or damage.
Charcoal canister cracked, holed or damage.
Open or short in vapor pressure sensor circuit.
Vapor pressure sensor.
Fuel tank over fill check valve cranked or damage.
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