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Just got my November Car and Driver today...went through the whole thing. This issue covers so many different Toyotas, from the Rod Millen Celica (500hp), the TRD Solara, the Lexus LS430, to the 2001 Toyota Rav4 (good job on that one too).
Anyway, there's an article on the expected (from C&D), acceleration times are way above manufacturer claims (MB claims 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds, C&D did it in 7.5), and they also say it's smaller inside than a 330i, and the 330 even rides better (more comfortable). But overall, the car is better matched to the bimmer than it's predecessor.
Gist of the story: we're (IS300) very closely matched to our German bretheren. If the IS300 is neck to neck with the Bimmer, it's also neck to neck with the Benz. And with the price advantage, it's got an edge.
I'm not saying that you'll pay an extra 13 grand for nothing if you go with the Benz, after all it does offer SOS, 6 airbags, Nav, hands free telephone, and more. But remember, you can get almost all of that stuff in a bigger and better GS430. So if I'm spending 50 Gs, I have many options over a C320.

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