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I gathered a bit of information about "C-BEST" and put it in FAQ format:

Q: What does C-BEST mean?
A: "Customized-Body Electrical System of Toyota vehicles"

Q: How can someone change the C-BEST settings?
A: Using computer software that communicates with the onboard-ECUs and changes settings.
For instance "Toyota Customize Software" from Vetronix (

Q: Who has this software
A: Typically only Toyota/Lexus dealers have this software. It would likely be "cost-prohibitive" for an individual to purchase this software.

Q: What are the C-BEST functions?
A: Some known ones are (may not all apply to IS300):
Change buzzer volumes (including acknowledge beeps),
Disable 2-Action Unlock,
Disable Remote Dome Light Lighting,
Disable Security System Passive Mode,
Disable Alarm beep,
Disable Parking Light Indication For Alarm Set,
Disable Wireless remote
Disable Door open buzzer
Disable Panic ButtonChange Relock time
Change auto-on headlight sensistivity
Change time before headlights auto-off
Change lighting durations of illuminated entry,
Change target A/C temperatures offset from displayed temperature,
Power Windows (and Optional Moonroof) Remote Operation.
Open all four doors on the first click on remote
Unlock doors when car is put in park
Lights go out when the door opens (headlight off delay=0)
Auto lock the door when above 5 mph
Prolong the time of retaining power for windows and Moonroof (default=30 seconds)

Q: What features would be nice to change, but may not be available with C-BEST?
A: retained power to radio, windows, (while key is out of ignition)
Rolling windows up when locking car with the key.

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Thanks for the comprehensive list. I've got a couple of questions about some options:

- How is 'Disable 2-Action Unlock' different from 'Open all four doors on the first click on remote'?

- What features does 'Power Windows (and Optional Moonroof) Remote Operation' pertain to? What can you do to the windows with the remote? Automatically shut them when locking the vehicle?

- Does the auto lock and unlock feature pertain to the IS300?


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- How is 'Disable 2-Action Unlock' different from 'Open all four doors on the first
click on remote'?

----means that you will be able to unlock only the driver's door at all times.

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'Power Windows (and Optional Moonroof) Remote Operation' sounds like it'd be so that you can open the windows and/or sunroof with the remote, no ? On the Audi, that's also a programmable feature.. I wondered why that wasn't a standard remote-control feature since its standard on my friend's '99 Maxima..
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