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Hello everyone wanted to share my experience with JDM Montreal.

The people i dealt with were Jeremy and Jean Philippe of
Ebay ID: JDM-Montreal
Paypal ID: JDM-DPDistribution/[email protected]

There physical address is
7608 Leclerc
Lasalle QC H8N2L9

I purchased a motor from these guys with the assurance of Jeremy saying he sold tons of motors.
And has the perfect one for me. I told him the requirements I had for a motor.

Undamaged, good compression does not leak oil and most importantly Uncut and undamaged wiring harness.

He assured me that he can do all of this after a week of pressuring me to purchase and assuring me I would receive an Mint engine. I sent my money over to the guys at JDM-DPDistribution.

About two weeks passed I got my Engine on a crate. Immediately upon removal It looked like something had gone wrong. Not only was the motor tied down with metal hangers in all the wrong areas. Weak spots such as AC lines and Wiring harnesses, etc. The shipper assured me the motor had not hit anything or tilted much.

It was wrapped in a syran wrap like medium. I figured if that wasn't damaged the internals should be good. Upon unwrapping. i noticed :
1. my wiring harness had half the wires pulled out of the plug
2. Had been cut in 3 places
3. motor was leaking oil on my garage floor.
4. The crank pulley was dented
5. the AC compressor pulley was smashed inward.
6. My valve cover was not only scratched up but cracked into two pieces all the way down the center.

Aside from the abnormal amount of rust on the bolts.. (Jeremy told me the engine had only been sitting for a few months and was a good runner)

I called them asking about these.... They laughed at me and said this was a joke. I told them I specifically said I needed an uncut wiring harness.

Jeremy said to me it was uncut. There was a plug in the ecu... 1 plug with only about 3 wires still hanging on it.

Further inspection the motor also had a bunch of random wiring cut out of it and random vac lines plugged... possibly because this motor was abused while in the car.

They basically told me to go screw myself. when I asked them if they could send a uncut harness over. I attempted to file a complaint and then received a number or threats through SMS.

I have yet to check the compression of this motor but just by turning the crank. It feels like its not compressing very well. I hope I can some how salvage something out of this situation.

I just wanted the community to be aware that I WOULD not recommend purchasing from these guys. Extremely unprofessional and under delivered on service....


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Did you file a complaint through ebay, paypal? How did you pay them? I'd leave it alone and start filing claims with everyone involved.

If that doesnt work, I'd be buying a plane ticket to canada and paying them a visit.

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Hey OP,
sorry to hear you got the shaft.
I really hope you get your money back. Keep us posted
Just curious though. Where are you located?
Does PGH = pittsburgh? If so, why did you buy a motor from a shop in Montreal?
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