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Hi, I'm clearing out my storage and found a bunch of IS300 parts laying around collecting dust.

The List....

Stock 01 front brake calipers/rotors with 50,000miles on them $100.00

Stock 01 Suspension with 60,000miles on them $100.00

2 OEM 17" center caps $20.00

Aftermarket seat brakets (Driver & Pass) $75.00

***Here are some pictures of what I have....

Intake tube, Exhaust Cam Gear, Shift cover (Sold), Traction control/heated seat surrounding, Cup holder divider, Spare tire bolt/knob. $10.00each

Steering wheel under panel/cover $10.00
Vizage grill painted black with broken tabs $Sold!

IS300 stock manual $25.00Pending!

Trunk Mat $20.00

TRD Mirror covers in Carbon fiber $25.00. 1 has damage to clear coat

1 Driver Vizage eyelid $20.00pending!
Stock oil cap $5.00

Sunroof Visor $30.00

Replica Wald Fender flares $100.00Pending!

Pioneer Double den CD player $100.00

1 Brand New Passager side L-Tuned side skirt. $.....PM me!
The real deal. 100% authentic L-Tuned!!!!! Will never find this part again... I had it as a spare

PM me if you're interested in any of the parts.
All price is OBO.
Shipping is possible but prefer pick up.
I'm located in South FLorida

Thanks for looking!

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hey,u willin to send me the cup holder seperator to vancouver,bc?? i will paypal u...let me know.thx

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How much to buy and ship just the set of calipers to Cambridge Ontario Canada (N3C 4K9)? I don't want the rotors.
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