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So my buddy was helping me the other day doing brakes which I instantly regret now. So I did the rears while he did the front brakes which went fine or so I thought. After about a mile down the road my ABS light went out. It was already dark so I just waited a couple days to fiddle with it as I was awaiting some more parts.

Well I went to visit my dad and I decided to give it a look over. Seems he unplugged the wheel speed/ABS sensor and the clip on the end got destroyed. So I am going to do a band aid fix till I can source the part with some butt splice connectors.


So as you can see it is toasted. Gonna just use some butt splice connectors for now as it was raining pretty bad last night and that tire locked up so that is where I looked. Now that I found the issue I am gonna fix it. My problem is I don't have a multimeter to test which goes/connects to where.

I have violet and green coming from the harness and of course black and white coming from the sensor. I was hoping one of you guys could tell me which needs to go to the black wire and one to the white wire. Not sure if it makes a difference but it's a 2002 IS300. I need to source both clips but I am not gonna be able to do this for a week or so till I get home. Still have no idea why he disconnected the sensor to do the brakes but it is what it is. I hoped it was just the fuse but no such luck there.

So could someone help me out with a little info. I would be truly appreciative if you could take a look at yours or if you know it off hand. Thanks a bunch and where would be a good place to source those clips? Maybe a junk yard but last time I looked most of those were stripped to the bone.
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