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Bring car to dealer every 7500K or no???

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Do you recommend inspecting the car every 7500 miles and does the Lexus dealer do a better job?? I would imagine it's more expensive.

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If I were you and I wanted to save costs, then I would get the oil changes done at the Toyota Dealership and the major services/tuneups done at the Lexus dealerships. With synthetic oils you can easily 7500 miles++ service intervals.... As a matter of fact my mom's 2000 740iL (which uses BMW high performance synthetic oil) had its first scheduled service at 15,000 miles (when told to do so by the car's service indicator)... note.. BMW will not do their free mantainence until all the service indicator notifys you that a service is due.............. Anyways, even with regular motor oil you can service your car at 5-7500 mile intervals...
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