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Hey guys, finally thought i'd post in the forums after following the site for the past 2 years. Just want to start off by saying that it has always been a dream to build an is300. I was finally able to get my hands on a close to perfect condition 2005 is300 with 121,000 miles in January 2014. Ever since then, it has been a journey building my four door supra.

Within the first year I slapped on a HKS Hi-Power Axle Back, AEM intake, Eibach Pro Sport Springs, and a Greddy lip.

Wrapped the tails, plasti dipped the wheels, painted calipers, and did a headlight restoration:

Of course.. those eibach springs weren't nearly low enough. Slapped on some megan racing coilovers and XXR's:

Finally, the decision had to be made.. either 2jzgte swap or go NA-T. Since i only had about 130k miles at the time, I figured why not get the best out of this engine and work it to its max potential till its dead. My plan was to piece together my own custom turbo kit and build my GE similar to a GTE with power goals of 500-600hp.

I ended up finding a 2.75 SRT kit and a built tranny on craigslist for a pretty good deal and used the Haltech E6X, intercooler piping, and tranny for my kit. Next.. got a top mount, Borg Warner s360, front facing intake manifold TT style, tial bov, tial wastegate, and 1000cc ID injectors. High boost here were come. Below is my complete build list:

2005 is300 NA-T Build:

Pieced Together SRT 2.75 kit:
-FFMIC + piping
-Haltech E6X Standalone
-Walboro 255 fuel pump upgraded to Walboro 400
-built auto transmission from SRT
-3rd gear sprag
-Valvebody upgrade
-Borg warner S360 T4 Twin Scroll .91 A/R
-Tial BOV 50mm
-Tial wastegate 44mm
-1000cc ID injectors
-boost, oil pressure, prosport wideband AFR gauges
-1.3mm Cometic TT headgasket
-ARP headstuds
-GE pistons + rods
-cleaned / slightly refreshed engine
-FF intake manifold TT style
-custom stainless steel t4 top mount turbo manifold
-custom stainless steel downpipe
-HKS Hi-Power axle-back
-ABS and battery relocated
-baffled oil catch can
-OEM coils
-Iridium BKR8EIX spark plugs

So this is the current stage I'm at. My shop has been in the shop at F3 Auto up in Chantilly, VA since December 16, 2015. The car should be out within the next 2 weeks, and then off to Moore's Automotive Tuning who specialize in 600hp+ cars. Cant wait to say the least...


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Hey how has your experience with F3 Auto been so far and what work are they doing for you? I live in Chantilly and I am doing a very similar build. F3 Auto is right down the street from my house. So far I've only talked to Moore about doing the work to my car and I'm honestly not 100% convinced on using them, they've brought up doing things that are over kill for the power numbers I'm looking for but I still haven't ruled them out.
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