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"Break-in Period"

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New car with only a couple hundred miles on the odometer, all city driving and very short highway trips so far (lots of RPM ups/downs).

Gotta take it on an eight hour (each way) trip to visit relatives for X-mas.

What suggestions do you all have for breaking a car in properly while driving on the highway?

Last time I did anything like this I was driving a car from TN to PA and just wound up varying speed every few minutes by going, say, 55/75/60/75/65/55, and switching it up. Not the most fun way to drive for hours.

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My salesman said don't worry too much about the "break-in" period (nice choice of words there eh?) after 200 miles. Just to be on the safe side you should for at least the first 500-1000 miles on a long trip travel at varying speeds every 2-3 miles (50/60/70/60/50) or something like that making sure you don't keep the RPM's at the same level for a long period of time.

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