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I've purchased an IS about two weeks ago and haven't been following the break-in period required by Lexus. I've been pushing my car pretty hard- racing cars and stuff (I just can't help it). Will this have a lasting damage in the future? Also, sometimes when I press down on the accelerator hard after making a turn, there's a long delay before the car kicks in. Just wondering if there's a problem w/ the car?
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Break-in periods are manufacturer guidelines and for the most part are implemented to maintain engine reliablity through the test of time and miles..... I personally believe that the engines in fancy cars like the Lexus models don't require a strict breakin schedule. With my TT for example, I drove it like I would normally drive it (avoiding the red line by a couple 1000 RPM's) Hitting like 4500 but driving it at variable engine and road speeds...

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