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I've purchased an IS about two weeks ago and haven't been following the break-in period required by Lexus. I've been pushing my car pretty hard- racing cars and stuff (I just can't help it). Will this have a lasting damage in the future? Also, sometimes when I press down on the accelerator hard after making a turn, there's a long delay before the car kicks in. Just wondering if there's a problem w/ the car?
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Well, there was some fool who posted a consumer review of the IS300 on Carpoint and claimed that the IS300 wasn't suited for "hard driving" because he needed to get the transmission replaced after 6k miles or something like that. I have a feeling that the fool wasn't driving hard, but abusing the snot out of the IS300 (maybe he did a bunch of neutral drops when he was street racing). I think there is a fine line between hard driving and abuse, but anyways, whether or not cars need to be broken in nowadays, I think it would be prudent to do so...just in case.
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