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Yes, it actually finally happened! :eek:

On EBC Green Stuff pads (GreenStuff braking vapor lining liner pad just so these terms show up this way in a search too) and stock brakes. Tiring is stock but suspension is upgraded, with an emphasis on optimizing braking weight transfer. So there might not be the possiblity of this happening to you if you've got another setup.

Canyon run, 9.5/10ths, approaching a downhill switchback at ~60mph, began braking at ~70ft. from corner entry. Don't hold me to these numbers, they're just guess-timates. Maximal performance attempt, though.

So I guess EBC wasn't kidding with the relatively low thermal stability rating (550 deg C) for these pads, nor were they with their recommendation to run slotted and/or cross-drilled rotors.

Awesome bite and low working temps still works great for autoX, but might not be suitable for track.
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