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bored with IS300???

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Any of you feel like you need another car?
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Chrome...are you on crack? Submit yourself for drug testing immediately....

Agent Smith Out
I mean, I love this car
but I need another one!!!!
(getting greedy)
Not for a long time considering I just got mine, and I hope your being sarcastic or just want to see what kind of a reaction people will write.
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In that case get another IS what the hell you'll be the ony one who can say you own two. Right?
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I want a black IS300
then I can use the yellow one for casual use, and black one for formal use
waitin for my M5 next year. ill still keep the IS though.

From time to time, I've imagined myself in a roadster. Like an S2000, Elise, or something like that..

I guess we need to rebroadcast the "bored" commercial that won the "edit bay" contest...
Originally posted by chromaplast:
I mean, I love this car
but I need another one!!!!
(getting greedy)

get yourself a cl-s and see the light, my friend.
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SFO...that was damn funny.

When I first saw the CL SType...I laughed to myself about the plastic 'wood trim' since it couldn't be friggin Ebony or some crazy endangered black wood...

....nice call on that one.

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SFO.. hillarious.. i laughed out loud at work...=)
Thanks. Seriously though, what were they thinking? It is exactly the same as the fake wood they put in all the taxis in Taiwan. Did they think no-one would notice?
As with the exterior of the car, I think it's the American-influenced design coming through. I guess we are all very lucky they didn't think to put fake wood panels on the outside too!
Hey don't knock the fake wood, they were saving the trees

Chromie man, you from Rochester ay, I was born in Rochester. Have you lived there your whole life?
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At 35 grand, I kiss the ground the IS300 flies over. How can you even ask that?

I LOVE MY IS! Never have I had so many compliments about a car, whether it be at work or from all the big-eyed stares I get on the road. I love the design... it's so sharp looking compared to many of the cars out there, ESPECIALLY the CL. ;-P
ISFAN, nope I just come here to pick up chics.. er I mean come here for college
I was thinking of getting that new height reduction surgury so I could fit in the CL-S. I figure at 6'3" I need to lose a couple inches and I might fit.
And guy's, don't diss the 'fake wood.' It's not fake wood, it's real plastic!
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