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Was "Bored" again yesterday and felt like visiting some "Wheel Shops" just for fun.
(We Love Our Car Stock Too Dr. StockIS)

Anyway went to several different shops.
At ther first shop the guys Left the "Cash Register" Totally Un-Attended just to come out and look at the car.
Several of the guys kept saying; I've been wanting to "Fit" one of these New Lexus's with wheels.
I asked the guys what "Suspension" would they put on the car.To my Surprise ALL of the guys said; NOTHING!!Couple of them mentioned the car has the Perfect Ride Height.

They went on to say the only thing (In Their Opinion) the car
needs was maybe 17x7.5 Wheels and 235/40 ZR17s or 18x7.5 wheels with 225/40 zr18s.

This coming from 20+ year olds that sale wheels and suspensions for a living really says something about the Looks of the IS300

The other shops I went too said basically the same thing. But they mentioned the "Coil Over Adjustable" suspension.

Needless to say, I had alot of FUN yesterday.
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