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Well I sold my 03 IS300 5 yrs ago because of the cost to go turbo.

Found this one already done up.
04 Manual Trans 73K Sport design
Mods Include
Precision Turbo T66/T4
AEM Gauges include Air/Fuel, Boost, and Oil Pressure
AEM Piggyback (Seller told me it was standalone its not)
Full Exhaust system 3" Turbo Back
Piping intercooler, manifold all custom
Tial BOV
ACT Stage 3 Clutch
K-Sport coil-over suspension fully adjustable

Two of my favorite things combined with this car (turbocharged and Lexus), Still have some issues to deal with but Im hoping that the boosted community will help me out with learning.


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Obx kit on emu now and soon to be 550cc dws gonna be an 8 psi pusher
Yes I know the turbos a knockoff but if it dies ill replace with something better or have rebuilt with better internals

Trans cooler and gonna have vb upgrade hasn't bn installed yet

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second time charger has been on car ......

Built 2JZ-GE
Procharger Supercharger C-2 stage3 pulley 13psi
cryo-treated gears and upraded bearings good to 68,000rpm
Big Spearco Intercooler
GTE Pistons
GTE Rods
ARP rod bolts
ACL bearings
Shaved and balanced crank
GTE headgasket
ARP head bolts
BC 264* cams
BC valves
BC retainers
BC valve springs
Toyomoto 80mm Throttle Body
Custom Intake
Gates timing belt
UR Adj exhaust cam gear
UR aux pulleys (PS, Alt , WP)
Mazzuri V2 header (wrapped)
3 inch y pipe
Full 3 inch exhaust with HKS muffler
TS o2 delete
Boost , Wideband and EGT gauges
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Custom Fuel return
575cc Injectors
Toyomoto VB upgrade w/cooler
and bunch of other stuff..........................


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Swift Racing Stage 3 turbo kit
stock 5 speed (stage 3 clutch soon)
Precision Billet CEA6266SP T4Turbo good for upto 800BHP
50mm waste gate
50mm Tial BOV
3" charge piping
1,000 cc injectors
walbro 255lph fuel pump
3" turbo back exhaust
4" intake
22"x12"x3" intercooler
ARP head studs
steel head gasket
Haltech Sprint 500 Full Standalone Computer
Mizu radiator
Its at Carb Conn in seattle right now having the Haltec wiered in and tuned.
Its taken a year and some change to get where im at, did all the macanical work myself out of a two car garage. Just couldn't wrap my head around the wiering schamatics.
oh and I have some Tien super sport coil overs for it when it gets out of the shop.

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Figured I'd throw my '02 IS in here.

Quick dyno pull video:

Running an EFR 7064 at ~15 PSI on VP C85 the car made 360WHP and 390WTQ uncorrected on a very low reading Mustang 1100SE. Bone stock the car made 150/150 on the same dyno.

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SRT Stage 2.75/E-shift/15 PSI low boost to 19 PSI which hit 350/410 rwhp on a mustang dyno. It's a Precision T4/61 trim with I think a 50mm wastegate/Tial BOV/3" charge piping/4" intake pipe on turbo and a Turbo XS dual stage boost controller (hence the pairs of numbers relating to PSI/power.
Install/trouble-shooting with SRT kit (there was ALOT of it) at Central Import Authority in Nicholasville, KY. Tuning done at Dynosty in Louisville. I highly recommend talking to Hal at Dynosty for any technical questions/suggestions. Central Import is run by Erik T. He seems to know more about performance parts than most know about themselves.
Waiting on a KAAZ 1.5 way LSD to take it to the track next summer. Finally got the car done about a month ago...just in time for winter :-/
Time slips/pics/vids to follow once I get a chance to really run it when it gets warm again.

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Here is mine.

GTE Internals
Haltech Sprint 500

Body kit is not my thing but came with the car. I sold the guy my 08 TL-S and he gave me
IS in trade. Has new wheels now.

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updated parts list
engine -
tt headgasket
arp studs

255 walbro
token solutions pnp 700cc

dezod aem v2
innovative afr gauge

pte 6766 .81 a/r 4inch cover
halman pro mbc
tial bov 50mm

custom 3inch with cat to vibrant ss muffler

modified xspower manifold by first state motorsports

turbosmart hyper gate 45mm wastegate

boostlogic front mount (core ) with custom piping
koyo rad
long tru tans cooler standard

342whp on 7.5psi
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