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bmw or lexus

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I would just like to say that 330ciNJ is a retard. He came on trying to sound like a bad ass but ended up looking like a moron, and i just want to say that I appreciate everyone here not being as big of an idiot as he was and posting stupid flamebait on the bimmer web site.

ps Alot of my friends have an is300. I currently drive an x5 but think the is300 is a great car and wish they offered it with a 6 speed in the USA. I guess Ill get the new m3 instead. Anyway this is a great board, bye
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hey dand I was thinking of posting a sorry note myself. I'd like to say sorry about that idiot who posted all that crap bout bimmers vs IS's. He not only posted the link on the X5 board but also to the M5 board. Hey dand are you in the bay area? Some members and m coupe owners are gonna go the Speedring on the 27th for some kart racing. I'm planning to go and would like to see a few X5's there. I left a post on the x5 board. I'm paly x5er on there.
Although the Porche Cayenne will be extremely fast the styling is kinda awkward and just doesn't seem to big enough to hold any cargo except for maybe a weekend bag or something. In any case I can't wait till the 4.6is comes out...I'm gonna try to convince my father to trade our current 3.0 in for it...WISH ME LUCK!!!!
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