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bmw or lexus

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I would just like to say that 330ciNJ is a retard. He came on trying to sound like a bad ass but ended up looking like a moron, and i just want to say that I appreciate everyone here not being as big of an idiot as he was and posting stupid flamebait on the bimmer web site.

ps Alot of my friends have an is300. I currently drive an x5 but think the is300 is a great car and wish they offered it with a 6 speed in the USA. I guess Ill get the new m3 instead. Anyway this is a great board, bye
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yep, I do extremely hate SUV's, but for some reason, I do like the X5. Sits lower than the rest, darn fast for a big chunk of metal, and actually looks good when you put 18's on it.

I think people just look stupid driving down city streets in their big-azz SUVs 10-feet off the ground trying to drive like they're in a sports car. It's the city, people, who needs a big 4*4 like that!!!

To me, the x5 offers a good compromise between sports-car feel and SUV utility.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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