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We have a small amount of now DISCONTINUED IS300 Short Shifters.

Website Description:
For the 2002-up five speed manual transmission IS300. This newly-developed billet short shifter reduces shift throw by approximately 30% while greatly increasing positive engagement feel. The OEM shifter in the IS300 is too tall to give the precise shift feel a sports car requires. The PHR short shifter is a full 3" shorter, making for crisp engagements and solid shifts. CNC machined from T-6061 Aluminum, the PHR short shifter is a must-have for any manual transmission IS300. Includes new teflon bushings, retaining ring, and rubber dust boot. This is a complete and direct replacement for the factory item, requiring no modifications whatsoever to the factory interior. Can be installed in minutes with basic hand tools without climbing under the car. The solid billet aluminum shift knob etched with the PHR logo also makes a nice addition to the interior. Please note that gear noise will be increased with the installation of this solid aluminum short shifter kit, as is normal with most aftermarket solid shifter kits.

Link to purchase:

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