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Blow the IS

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I must admit that this will sound like the strangest suggestion ever, but it works like nothing I have ever seen. After you wash you car, don't you always have trouble drying all the little cracks and spaces where the water likes to sit. Then when you drive off the water spots all over your car when the wind blows over it. Well, to fix that, and to maintain a perfect paint job. Break out blower, no not the neighborhood tramp, I am talking about either your lawn leaf blower or even a shop vac. Wash the car, dry it off as best as you can, then use the blower to get the water out from behind the side mirrors, the doors, off the wheels, etc. Then dry off the excess and there will be no spots on your car GUARANTEED!!! If you do this, I promise you that your car will be cleaner than it has ever been. Try it, even if your neighbors laugh, they won't be driving the the sweet car will they.
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I use an air compresser, works great. Here's another tip for the side-view mirrors. You guys know how annoying it is after you washed your car then take it for a spin and you see nice streaks of diry water originating from the mirrors. Well to remedy this situation, fold your side-mirrors in. Ya' know, how the mirrors can be folded inwards for tight parking spaces, well there is a 2-3 mm gap there and that is where most of the water dwells. Fold the mirror in and blow away. There's actually more water in there than behind the mirror inside the compartment. I also tilt the mirror so I can easily blow the water out of compartment too.

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