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*Developed with an entirely different concept than traditional adjustable gas shocks, the HTS Series are one of TOKICO’s most advanced product lines.*

Instead of a shock that would be adjusted to "firm" for the track and "soft" for the street, the HTS Series have been developed to allow the driver to "tune" the suspension damping for every style of driving—something that’s unique to each driver. This series offers the widest range in adjustability, allowing it to conform to a variety of driving environments, from autocrossing to road racing and even drifting. The best part is that it can also be tuned for comfortable daily driving.

The HTS applications are designed in Japan, utilizing the same technology concept as their American counterparts. This series of TOKICO shocks are the result of highly sophisticated piston and valving design, including a unique variable-aperture bypass controlled by an adjustable slide valve.

*Damping Force Adjustment*
The HTS series are infinitely adjustable from maximum softness to extremely firm settings. The adjustment dial operates smoothly through its 7.5-turn range, stopping anywhere in between.

*Application - Specific Damping*
Each shock or strut application has its own specific damping curve shape and range, precisely tailored to the vehicle.

*Variable Rebound And Compression*
Damping force adjustments alter both the rebound and compression damping rates simultaneously, for consistent control. Turning the knob clockwise increases firmness; counterclockwise adjustments soften the settings.

*Performance Oil Seal*
A special oil seal design for the piston enhances the dynamic response of the suspension throughout the range of adjustment.

*Twin Valve System*
Twin valves help provide precise damping, helping reduce the roll rate for more secure handling even at softer settings.
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