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I had the LM-22's the past two winters on my '01 IS and they were great. The IS is like a snowmobile when it has snow tires on. This year I put them on my '04 and it worked out great but my back tires were almost bald because of over inflation.. opps. So I was driving around this past Friday (big snow) and I had no problems but I got a flat... Front pass side. Drove on it for like 10 miles because I didn’t know it was flat.. opps.

Couldn’t plug or patch because it was on the tread/sidewall.. To risky…

So on Sat I went looking for an LM-22 and no-one that I called (30 places) had the LM-22. They were all sold out so I went with four new WS-50's and let me tell you they are a true snow tire were the LM-22 are a sport snow tire. I was ripping through like 7+ inches of snow and not getting stuck. They are amazing for deep snow grip and ice. Don’t get me wrong though the LM-22’s are a great snow tire as well.

Ether way you go they will work great.

I still wish I had the LM-22's because they are an H(140mph or something) speed setting where the WS-50's are a Q(99mph).

The LM-22 is the way to go if you still want some sport driving when it’s dry during the winter. I also will be going back to the LM-22’s when the WS-50’s are gone.

I now have to take it easy because with these tires I can chirp 3rd… lol…
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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