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ISracer300 said:
does anyone have a blitz compressor supercharger??? i was thinking about getting one as an alternative to turbo, although it probly is 4 the 3s, but anyway if u have one how do u like it, and what are the hp gains on a supercharger compared to turbo
IS200 only

Call Blitz and they'll tell you that they are coming out with the US spec version by the end of the year - but from what I hear - they've been saying that for a long time (including last year)

The only SC that are out for the IS300 are TBKO, Area 51, and I think at one point in time SRT?

Toyomoto and PHR are in the process of releasing their kits.
As of right now you can only buy the TBKO kit, which uses the ATI procharger. Gains can be found on their site - including a Stage II dyno (if you decide) to upgrade.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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