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Hey, my first post, alright.
Anyway, for all those thinking about buying their IS at Lexus of Thousand Oaks, beware.

Hopefully this was an isolated case, but, I purchased my IS on the 8th, and the salesman told me, specifically, the car would be there around the 14th. He said it was already in port, and infact was now on a truck to be delivered any day. Needless to say, my car still isn't here(15th), and when I went in on the 12th to sign the final paperwork and pay my down payment, the manager just happened to mention my car would come into PORT on the 19th and arive around the 29th. You can just about imagine my reaction(I only wish the salesman was there to take my agression instead of the manager), I came unglued.

But, I guess it all worked out. I ended up getting a free spoiler, free tint(at the shop of my choice), free wheel locks, free cargo net, free rental car in the mean time, and poss, a free graphite kit.

I'm sure Lexus of Thousand Oaks is a good dealership, and it's good to know they have great service, but be careful. Ask to see the actual date in the computer, so you don't get all EXCITED and then $hit on by some salesman trying to earn a buck.(no offense if your a salesman, just venting)

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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