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good god, this is what my lifetime membership bought. fucking billboard of dick ads. this place is a shit hole. clean up this tit fucking house of anus ads.


how much do they make off this site, a sag fucking $1000 per second. these fucking adds are attacking my sidebars like the AIDS virus.

like aphids on open anus on the hottest day of the fucksack the year. if you lay but naked -ass up to the sky holding your ass meat apart with a salad folk, the all the milkbugs and aphids on earth would gather around you anus opening as if it was a sake-rid volcano ready to release cosmic rocks.

still wouldn't be atacking my shit like this site full of fucking ads. did barakat die and leave eternal ads in his place? is this the AI fuckign common the rapper was talking about.....

fuck skynet, the rapper common, and anus powder pushers.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts