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what year was/is your civic? i still have have my '92 SI. What length of your poles (i forgot the proper name of it)? i think my are 52" does that sound right? it's been a while now since i put my yak rack on. if you can provide us a part number for the clips, that be wonderfull and i can start my riding again...
PS. if not, i'll see if i can get it here locally. also, have you tried REI?


Originally posted by s0yb0mb:
I actually had a Yakima from my civic that I absolutley LOVE... the yakima is much better than the Thule IMHO. So anyway, I ordered the new "fit kit" (clips) for the IS300 this week from and they said since the part is so new, they had to order it direct from Yakima... most places I talked to said it would take 3 weeks, these guys claim a few days, so I went with them.

Since you are in NJ, if you want to get a Yakima or a Thule, I'd suggest going to Campmor on Rt. 17 North.( )The people who work there ACTUALLY KNOW ABOUT THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL!!!
I know, strange to hear that these days, but it's true. They'll even help you put the rack on your car in the parking lot.

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