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Also posted this in Sportcross forum.

Pohanka currently has an 03 Sportcross on the lot in GGP that has body damage on it that they are trying to sell as new. The damage is on the lower front driver's side.

I test drove this car and was thinking of buying it, but bought elsewhere for a couple of reasons. They would not come down as low in price as other dealers in the area with Sportcrosses in stock and the car they had was damaged.

When I asked them about the body damage and what they would do about it, at first they denied that there was any damage, when I pointed it out to them they said they would have have the repairs done by a guy who works out of van that he drives to the lot. I told them that this was unacceptable. My first choice for repair would be to replace the damage parts with new parts, second choice would be to have the damage repaired at a properly equiped body shop that has the proper equipment - paint booth, curing oven, etc. They said that would be too expensive and that they would use the guy they normally use who drives up in a van and does the repairs and painting out in the open on the lot. I said no thanks to purchasing the car from them and left.

I happened to see this mobile repair guy when when I was walking around the lot to look at cars. He was using an airbrush to touch up some scratches on a new Lexus sedan. This was during the day with a light breeze. Parked next to the sedan that was being painted was a brand new SC 430. Unfortunately it was parked downwind and was collecting some over-spray from the car that was being repainted. Be careful buying cars from these guys, take a clsoe look at it, if you see flecks of paint that are a different color, it just might have gotten over-spray from an on-site repair. Painting a car correctly requires a controlled environment. Most body shops have paint booths equiped with filters to make sure you don't get any dust embedded in your paint. Controlled conditions are required to do the job right, not to mention that when you a paint a car in a booth you eliminate the possiblility of overspraying another car.

If you see some paint that looks funny, maybe a slightly differnt color or texture chance are it may have had one of these on the spot touch up jobs. Many times you can run your hand over a repaired area and feel the repair easier than you can see it. Painting outside can also lead to many kinds of imperfections in the paint job(orangepeel, etc), I wouldn't trust it to hold up as good as the factory or body shop applied paint.
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