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Better @ 5K miles

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Seems to be better at 5,000 miles than new. Things seemed to have worked themselves in very nicely. Other things I have noticed are:

- people still do double takes
- still rarely see other IS300s
- the car is still as tight as when I got it
- I've learned how to shift with the eTronic shifters
- still fun to drive
- and it looks nothing like a generic 3-series
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engine wise how is it? I have heard that the engine is suppose to get better roughly round 5000miles. Does it feel any quicker or hardly any change from the day you bought it? I am just curious is all. How has your tire/road noise been affected? Has it quieted down as the tires have worn down a bit?
I believe that it is quicker in 3rd and 4th gears. At least that's where I notice a difference. Overall the engine is really smooth. The transmission is still silky smooth.

I never notice road noise except on roads that were noisy, like gravelly and grooved roads.
My IS300 is just shy of 2700 miles (since June 26) and I agree. It's running better than ever.

I especially love to run the car in ECT PWR mode, with TRAC OFF. With those two settings, the car accelerates aggressively, with sweet exhaust notes and manual-like gear shift feel.

Of course, the gas mileage suffers as a result (17-18 vs. 20-22 MPG), but that's a small price to pay for maximum fun.

2001 Lexus IS300
Millenium Silver Exterior
Black Leather/Escaine Interior
Moonroof, Bridgestone P215/45ZR17, wheel locks, trunk mat
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Alright!! Coming up 5000 miles! It does seem to accelerate a little quicker nowadays. And, yes DTPLINK, very rarely see any IS's on the San Diego freeways. As a matter of fact, just 4 others since I bought mine in early July.
Thats great to know guys.. since this is my first new car i dunno what happens after the break in period and all that junk. Glad the IS is getting better and better.
Hey, gmej, got my SBM yesterday from Lexus Carlsbad. Sweeeeet!

So if ya cruise North County you may see me. I have yet to see other than a silver IS in town, but I've seen three of those...

Gawd this blue is awesome. And the car is so tight it's scary. My kids are freakin' in the back seat 'cause it's so fun, and I had to tell them I'm taking it way easy during the break in period!
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