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Best Car Navigation for 2000

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here is the JD power and ppl vote on best navigation systems in cars or trucks

Lexus #2 GS model
Acura RL #1


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Actually..I second gsnav's opinion. I also have a Nav in my GS400 and although I hardly get lost within Los Angeles its absolutely useful for finding new locations I have never been to. It's been a lifesaver when I was late to a meeting or when I needed to find an ATM or gas station in a new unfamiliar area (Yes.. it can find you the closest Mobil gas station or Bank of America....). In addition, I use the GS400 on long road trips and the Nav is absolutely wonderful when I am not familiar with a city i've never been to... It's not really just the ability to find addresses that makes the Nav so nice, it's the ability for the Nav to find the closest restaurant, park, gas station, dealership, museum, hotel, bank, etc.... Sorry about the long message but hope this helps explain the nav.

-Chris Y.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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