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Altered_IS300 said:
I'm trying to decide on what body kit to put on, but there are so many of them, what is the best one to go with? I see some people have the fender flares on too, is that a good way to go?
dude, i know your new here but your posting in the wrong forum, it should be in the inside and out forum.

as for your question... there are many body kits out for the is300. it just depends on what type of style you prefer. there are agressive kits such as c-west, hippo sleek, blitz, etc. then there are the more conservative kits like rmm, l-sportline, kamanari. then you have a bunch of wack ass kits which i won't even waste my time with. :lol:

as for the flares, once again its all preference. Believe me, the IS looks sick with the flares molded which is why im doin it to mines. but the IS is still a beautiful car with out it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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