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Just pulled these out of my 01 IS last night and found that the tabs on cylnders 4 and 5 were bent in abnormally.

Took it by the dealer here in Woodland Hills, CA because the car started to miss a lot and finally threw in an error code where plug 5 was misfiring. What is odd is that the car has been running without issues for the last year with these same plugs for which I replaced them witha set of NGK lIR plugsand all seemed fine. Comming back to the house tonight the car began to misfire once or twice as I was stopped at the intersection.

I verified that the other plugs were in good shape and definitely none of them were dropped on the tab. Spark plug wires were also in check with no cracks or visible burn marks on them.

Any thoughts? Attached pics of the spark plugs out of cylinders 4 and 5.



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