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This morning when I tried to start the car, the battery was dead. The only two reasons I can think of are if the auto dimming lights did not turn off last night or there is a battery drain somewhere. Anyone have a similar experience?



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one time i left the cabin light on half the night, the car started fine, last saturday i gave a jump to an accord, same night i left the ashtray open all night and thats lighted too but my car started fine this morning and i have no problems (knock on wood)

i leave the lights on when im driving, day or night- not on auto, the click before it... usually it turns off after 20 seconds or so, but one time i opened the trunk and was getting some stuff out and the lights never turned everytime i park for the night or something i watch to see if it does turn off, and it has everytime...maybe it was a one time thing, im too lazy to press the lock button twice to turn off my headlights

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