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Bad Exp with Rallye

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okay, this is a compilation of things with Rallye Lexus in LI, NY. They really messed up my cars. I have two Lexus'; IS300 and RX300. First with the RX. I give it in for the 30,000 mile service. Then, when I get it back, everything seems to be fine. 30 Miles later, the steering wheel locked and won't unlock. Took a service tech 1 hr to unlock it. Another time same thing happened. Same solution. The third time, it was towed back to rallye. It took them 2-3 days to fix this. They said they replaced the whole lock. FINE. When i get into my car, I see that the mats are all dirty and have a rusty color to them. I also notice that they did a REALLY bad job carwashing it, (it wasn't even dried) and after I turn on the car, i hear a rumble coming from the engine. I complained about all of this and the service manager said he would clean the mats, fix the rumble (some pipe was leaking) and car wash the car again. He said this would all take a week. By the way, i have a loaner car this whole time. It is extremely inconvenient to drive back and forth to Rallye since it is about 20 min. worth of driving each way. I get the car back, but with scratches near the ignition key holster. (at this point i don't care and take the car. The mats are cleaner, but not fully clean, and there is no more rumble.) After I got home, I learn that when i press lock on the keypad, it does not work. On both of my keys, the same thing. nothing happens. I am MAD. I call Rallye and they tell me its a freak case.. and I am like.. whatever.

Now for the IS...

Started all from day one..

My car came with the Graphite Polished rims, which i did not want, so i swapped them with regular 17". ( i was refunded the money). They swapped everything but the spare. I had a polished spare. They called me in and said i had to return it because i did not pay for it. I said fine, so i did. Then, i have many many problems with the car. One, the spoiler is not properly screwed in, second, the light on the spoiler does not work, opening and closing the door makes a squeaky sound, pressing gas pedal makes squeaky sound, hear a blub blub sound from driverside portion of engine. Hesitation when accelerating, emergency handle is loose. The titanium dashboard that i got installed from the dealer (a dealer option) was begining to peal off, the cigarette lighter fuse blew.
All of these happened... and you know how many stayed permanently fixed? NONE OF THEM. And to top it off, when I service the car, each time, I get a new scratch or combination of scratches. And then they have the nerve of claiming that it wasn't there before. About all these problems, I must have come in about 4-5 times. And still this happens. I called 180025lexus and all they said i could do was to go to a different dealership. I was like, give me some kind of compensation! I come in so often to Rallye that all of them know me by name! They said no. On the reply card that is supposed to be sent to Lexus, I wrote a Nasty reply and how they really SUCK! What else do you think I should do. I don't think my car qualifies for being a lemon. What should I do about this? By the way, the woman that handled all my work was Very Very nice...but she couldn't help me out with these problems. What should i do?

P.S. I even saw the car wash guy scratching the car with his nail to get some dirt off. Then he tells me that the car needs to be waxed. WHAT THE HECK!


(btw, I bought the car last September)

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hmm.. I got my car from Dorshel Lexus.
first, the sales department.

sales department sucks. took me half an hour walking around the place trying to find the salesman.

now the service

3k mile service was ok. I don't think they did anything to my car, just checking to see if anything went wrong.

I took some 16" konig rims that I got from tiredirect over to the dealer to have them put on the car. The rims didn't fit so they didn't charge me any $$$ for service.

5k mile service was great. I didn't know what the heck they did to my car, but now it feels a lot smoother and faster. didn't have to pay anything either.
I also went up to the sales dept. to look at the SC430. They treat me a lot nicer than the time I came in to buy the car. (maybe because I dressed nicer? and came in a yellow IS300 instead of my friend's Geo metro?)
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I must say they did do I crappy job washing the car, but I don't car I am gonna wax it tomorrow anyway
Yogu... you are so RIGHT about those di'cks at Rallye. I am gonna stop taking my car to be serviced there. The Service Desk people are so full of sh'it. No matter what you tell them is wrong with the car they always gonna say "relax were gonna take care of it" and they never do. My CD Player is currently jammed and i gotta wait till April 7th to get it fixed. They fu'cked up the alignment on my car at the 1000 mile service and then after my tires ran BALD on the BOTH front inner treads (car driving pigeon toed down the fuc'kin street) they claim that I must have hit a pothole and thrown the alignment out of wack? Can you believe that? I almost went postal in there for my 5,000 mile service when they told me that i was liable for the worn tires. That entire Service Dept head so far up eachothers As'ses it a shame. I gotta hear what they gotta say about this jammed CD player... Anyone wanna take bets that they gonna try to make me pay for a new one?

Yogu... they palin out SUCK... I hear you man. And that lady you spoke to.. the "courtesy call lady" she can hug my nuts cause all she do id get paid to calm us down. I blew up at her when she called and tried to blame my whole experience on me. I'll be the first to say, i worked damn hard to buy my IS and Im not one of those snobby RRoyce owners that waltz in there that enjoy the brown nosing. Just fix my damn car the way i ask you.

Oh... and they absolutely refuse to have anything to do with RMM and TRD parts and installation on any IS's. So go figure?

Who else bought their IS's from Rallye?
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yeah man, i think her name is Margaret. She'z a real a**hole. I blew her off too. BTW, that girl at the front desk is pretty hot! Anyway, yeah... Rallye sucks a**. Margaret even says to me, "oh, but we treat your car the same way we do the Bentlys." and I was like, okay then, you must get complaints up to wahzoo about your Bentlys because NO ONE should EVER get treated that way.. ESPECIALLY from LEXUS. Call Lexus headquarters and complain. Maybe that'll knock some sense into them.

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I was this close to buying the car at Rallye. I end up not even going there because the salesman lied to me on the phone. I asked them if they had a SBM/Black. He said "Yeah sure, come on down". In fact he was so pushy he wanted to fax me an application and take my credit card information by phone. I said "I will be there tomorrow to look at the car". Then he was like "Oh Oh, I have to find the car first"..I was like "PEACE!!!!" click!. Guess my instincts were right. Lexus of Massapequa, was too high class...Too much trouble to find the car. Looks like I going to have to drive upstate for service
By the way Lexus of Manhattan..was full of ish too!
The Best Dealer on Long Island is Smithtown to me. I went to Rally a few times but hardly got approached. Massapequa Lexus is Full of Dyckz
I wish I didn't put my deposit there. When my car came in I didn't even want it anymore but I didn't want to wait longer at another dealer. Maybe it was the salesman I got, take it or leave attitude. Never Again! Only good thing I can say about Acura, I went on a 30-45min test drive in the CL-S with my two friends. I drove all over making stops for food and gas. I wish I brought my IS from that guy.
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You guys should try Lexus Of Englewood in NJ. Right over the GW bridge. The service dept. is great. And the manager treats you good also.
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