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Hi, guys I have a 2001 IS300 Auto, few months ago the car when was getting to a stop the ABS kicks in, but no check engine or ABS lights came on, but recently ABS, TRAC OFF and BRAKE light came on, the spedometer was not working and I also noticed that my gas gauge moves slightly when Im driving , I took it to my mechanic and he connected a scanner, and it said that couldn't established a connection, I also bought a Techstream cable from Amazon and connected to the DLC3, I saw ECU for the motor but nothing for the ABS/TRAC, so after a few days I took the car to a Toyota Dealership, and they told me the same thing, they couldn't established a connection, with the car and they did some diagnose and told me that ABS Actuator is bad, the guy at the dealership said that he wouldn't charge me anything for the diagnose, but Im a little skeptical about this diagnose.

so my question is:

if the ABS Actuator goes bad, there will be no connection with the ABS ECU?, How can I check if the ABS Actuator is bad?

please any help will be appreciated
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