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Subject: Arizona Motorsports Park Threatened

Last year the Arizona Motorsports Park invested over $6 million to
develop a safe place to run cars and provide high performance
driver education, right next to Luke Air Force Base.

It is a privately owned and financed track that is not open to the
general public. Instead, only car clubs, classic car owners,
motorcycle clubs, automobile companies and other car enthusiasts
- people just like yourself - rent it for private use.

The Arizona Motorsports Park is a world-class facility that’s turned
into a great addition for the West Valley. No more homes near
Luke Air Force Base. And, people are coming from all over the
West Valley and Arizona to use the facility, which means more
spending at local stores, hotels and restaurants.

But some residents living over one mile from the site are now
trying to shut us down because they can hear noise some days of
the week. They have hired high-powered lawyers and are even
asking for our permit to be revoked. In fact, Maricopa County has
scheduled a hearing to consider doing just this on July 31st.

Let us first say this: we can address these issues. But we’re going
to need your help too. So far, elected officials have only heard
from these residents and lawyers.

They need to hear from you too. Soon. The hearing is only days

They need to hear that the Arizona Motorsports Park is important to
you .. . and that they should support the facility.

Please take just a moment to email Maricopa County Supervisor
Max Wilson today. Leave a message that you support the Arizona
Motorsports Park. With your email we can make sure that you and
our many users have the chance to enjoy this excellent addition to
the West Valley for many years to come.

Email Maricopa County Supervisor Max Wilson Today -
[email protected]


The Arizona Motorsports Park

P.S. Email just a quick message to encourage support of the
Arizona Motorsports Park! Thank you for help and support!

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